Asa Hayes (the real "Black Hawk") is training with his father every time he gets a chance. He is only now 10 and is a great dog puncher. Keep a look out here to read of his future exploits.

Here is a picture of Asa with Jeffrey Bragg and the famed lead dog "Tonya of Seppala"

The following was taken from the musher biography of Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes on the Can-Am crown web site;

"Black Hawk" Hayes passing under the arbor in Fort Kent Maine

Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes (AKA Black Hawk), 31, resides in Fort Kent, Maine. He and his wife Amanda have four children, Asa (7), Eva (5), and Caleb (3), and Christian (1). Black Hawk hopes to place in the top third of the Can-Am 30 this year, the 60 next year, and then become a yearly fixture in the Can-Am 250. He has raced in the Can-Am 30 twice before. He also has done the Blanchard 30. He enjoys doing overnight recreational adventures with his team. His hobbies and other interests are studying the Scriptures, writing poetry and short stories, playing music with friends, and spending time in God's creation with His creatures. Although he started out with show line Siberian Huskies, Jonathan now only races Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs. The Seppala Siberian is a registered breed (as opposed to Alaskans) that is "competitive yet beautiful, without sacrificing the heartiness and resilience of a true arctic breed". Jonathan owns the Poland Springs Seppala Kennels. Its primary objective is to partner with the International Seppala Association for the preservation of the working Seppala Siberian Husky breed.