Mushing is a primitive joy. It is an opportunity for man to work in harmony with God's creatures in God's creation. The arctic dogs are, to the northern regions, what the camel is to the desert and the horse is to the more temperate climates. We Here at Poland Spring Kennels mush for this reason; because we believe this is what God intended. Therefore, mushing is an end in and of itself.

While we are, primarily, a breed Kennel and not a racing Kennel, we here at Poland Spring know that races are a great opportunity to test our dogs. We want to make sure that our Seppalas are exceeding the standard set by other breeds and continue to shine out in their field. Seppalas have always ran further, faster, on less food, than any other registered breed. We intend to keep it that way.

The Seppala Siberian Sleddog is primarily a mid to long distance sleddog. Ultimately, our goal is to run long distance races, but long races require a lot of dogs. Our Kennel is small, so we focus on 30-60 mile races. We intend to grow into 100-250 mile races within the next 2-4 years.

Having made the recent decision to change our Kennel over slowly from AKC %Seppala strain Siberian Huskies to Seppala Siberian Sleddogs registered with the International Seppala Association, we have been downsizing our kennel to accomodate future ISA stock. After having moved to the farthest reach of Northern Maine, we have only 7 mushing dogs this year. this exempts us from all but the 30 mile races. Even these six dog races will be hard to compete in against kennels that are fielding teams from kennels of 30 plus dogs.

We do not, therefore, expect to win, but we have placed hundreds and hundreds of miles on these few dogs  this season and we have already improved on our personal best run times. I am confident these 7 hardened dogs will be at their best this year and that we will beat our records. In the next couple years as we breed our kennel up to competition #'s you can expect Poland Spring to be a force to be recond with!

DESDC trade Fair and Seminar

Blanchard 30 mile 6 dog class

Can Am Crown 30 mile 6 dog class

Our Race will be filling up soon as dates and locations are chosen for the mid distance races in New England. Keep checking this page regularly!