A living piece of Maine History!

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C litter at six weeks

Poland Spring's Cuchi of Seppala


At 4.15 Poland Spring’s Centaurus was born. A male Black and White


Poland Spring's Centaurus at 3&6 weeks

4.30 Poland Spring’s Canes Venatici was born. A Black &White Female

Poland Spring's Canes Venatici at 3&6 weeks

Poland Spring's Corvus at 3&6 weeks

6.40 Poland Spring’s Cygnus was born. A pure white female

Poland Spring's Cygnus at 3&6 weeks 

Poland Spring's Cuchi of Seppala with her litter
The litter whelped on December 1st of 2007.

Cygnus stays right on Caleb's "tail"

If you are serious about owning a Seppala Siberian Sleddogs feel free to contact us. If we feel you would be a suitable home we will send you a contract to review for the future.

We prefer our dogs go to working Homes but are excited to place them in loving devoted homes.

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C litter enduring a rainy January day in the dog house